Apr 18, 2006

Good Old Times

Andrei and Zak recently posted their "Good Old Times" references to getting into the PHP project so I thought I'd put mine forward for good measure. Never let it be said I'm not a follower...

At any rate, it didn't take long for Derick to suggest I refer to the CODING_STANDARDS and resubmit the patch as a unified diff against HEAD. After resubmitting, the patch was accepted and, bouyed by my response, led to another contribution in the form of the getanyrr() function which would later come to be named dns_get_record().

Three and a half years later and I've managed to touch nearly every part of the PHP Core distribution and make a lot of friends (and perhaps some not-so-friendlies) along the way. Cheers to all, you know who you are.

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