Apr 10, 2006

Bunnies bunnies everywhere

I've long been convinced that coincidence is never an accident. On a day to day basis, the questions that come through ##php will gather in bunches to the point where I can often just up-key to find the last time I answered the question, and state it again. What does this have to do with bunnies? I'm glad you asked.

It started with a random link posted in IRC: http://blog.jonnay.net/archives/632-Introducing-BunnyRegex-easy-regular-expressions,-and-mini-languages-inside-of-PHP..html With a title like that, who can resist? The topic itself is fairly uninterresting, however it turned the conversation to rabbits, or at least rabbit stew.

Within moments, a coworker came by my office with a thank-you present (I'd helped her upgrade her personal laptop and get setup with DSL at home). As part of this thank-you present she offered up a stuffed animal (okay, so I have a thing for stuffed animals, sue me). Guess what species she'd selected? That's right. Wabbit.

Is it Fox Mulder spooky? No. But it's a little bit freak-o...

Speaking of rabbits: Check out my cat (who happens to be named "Bunny"):

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