Jan 7, 2008

Houston, we have a bolus

It took three weeks to filter through Kaiser, but my new insulin pump finally arrived (the purple one on top in the photo below is the new one). My old pump was about seven years old when it broke down for the second time (the first was under warranty, about four years ago). By the way, the old one *IS* turned on, and you *SHOULD* see something on the display.... Hence my problem... Anyway, I wasn't expecting it till tomorrow, but christmas came early (well, I guess technically late) 'cause the FedEx guy rang the bell just as I was headed out the door for work.

SHINEY!!!!!! I haven't had a decent basal profile in nearly a month, so I ripped open the packaging, read the important parts of the instructions and plugged in.... Ah, that's the stuff... I'm now reading through the rest of the manual, here's my thoughts so far:

  • Batteries: A+ The MiniMed508 takes three Energizer 357s which... while not terribly hard to find, can be pretty annoying when you forget to replace them and the unit shuts down at 1AM... The new 722 fixes that by taking the larger, but more readily available AAA size.
  • Menus: B There's more complexity to the menus (driven by a wider feature set), but the most common task (bolusing) is a quick single-button action. I'd have marked this as an A, but for the fact the bolus amounts no longer wrap-around. Pressing down from 0.0 stays at 0.0, and pressing up from 10.0 stays at 10.0.Update: Turns out the wrap-around does work. You just have to enable it.... Not sure how I enabled it though... Anyway, I'm leaving this at B since the the nag-messages are a bit too insistent... I know what I'm doing damnit... you don't have to be so annoying!
  • Backlight: C Same backlight, still not quite enough contrast...
  • Delivery mechanics: A Blatently stolen from Diesetronic (a competitor), but a good steal. Smoother, quicker delivery and a nice resevoir window to boot.
  • Loading mechanics: A- The resevoir-vial interface is a tiny bit temperamental, but once I get the knack of it, I expect cartridge loading will be twice as fast and accurate as it used to be. The priming mechanics also manage to overcome one of my long standing gripes about volume detection.
  • Interface/API: F Same gripe as I had with the MM508. The system is capable of interfacing with external equipment, but the company won't share anything useful about their specs (I knew this from research before hand, but I can still complain about it).
  • Durability: TBD We'll see how this one puts up with my.... abuse is too harsh a word.... "active lifestyle".... Let's go with that... At least it's (supposedly) more water-proof than the old one...

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