Sep 15, 2007

Dress Code

The background

As most know, I work for Yahoo!, the US Web Search front-end team specifically. The company as a whole has (to my knowledge) no more of a dress code than "Don't show up naked". Consequently, most employees, especially those in engineering/operations roles, tend to dress pretty casually. During the summer, this progresses clear into the realm of shorts and sandals.

There's one coworker in our team, Venu, who insists on "dressing for success". Not ultra formal mind you, but we've never seen him wear anything short of a dress shirt, slacks, and nice shoes. At the other end of the spectrum is our boss, Lalit, who has only rarely been seen wearing anything other than shorts (and then, only in the coldest of winters). It was from this, that another coworker, Venkat, hatched his plan.

The setup

To everyone but Lalit:
Hey, we should play a prank on Lalit, next monday, everyone should show up in shorts and flip-flops
to make fun of him for his slacker dressing...

Meanwhile, to everyone but Venu:
Okay, Venu's falling for it, now the REAL prank will be on him. He'll show up in shorts,
and the rest of us will dress formally...

Sure enough, today Venu "the slob" showed up in shorts and some (but not all) the rest of us showed him up in our "business professional" attire. Looking at my towering stature in this photo, I'm doubting the wisdom of wearing heels, but somehow flats just didn't create the right effect ;)

Lalit, Me, Venu, Ryan, Venkat, Nam

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