Nov 5, 2006

Don't worry, I slept last Thursday

On this, my first foray to Europe, indeed my first real trip outside the US (Those couple hours in Tijuana don't count), I'm faced with one undeniable, inexcapable fact. Jet lag sucks.

It doesn't help that all last week I was staying up past my normal bedtime partying with the attendees of ZendCon06, but I think my real mistake was trying to outsmart my own circadian rhythm. See, I figured "I've got this long flight across the atlantic, it'll go faster if I can fall asleep at some point." Seems reasonable so far. How to ensure sleep? Why, stay up all night before the flight. Brilliant! But wait, what if I can't fall asleep during the flight?

Sometime sunday morning, my plane lands in Frankfurt and I wander, zombie-like, through passport control, baggage claim, and customs somehow managing to board the right shuttle to reach the conference hotel. Based on advices from battle-hardened globetrotters, I was planning to put in a one hour power nap, then go for a walk to "reset" my internal clock. Unfortunately the sixty-plus hour run of consciousness had other plans and by the time I awoke, the sun had set.

Finally this morning (Monday), I managed to put in that walk, touring a nearby suburb which reminded me somewhat spookily of the setting from "Shaun of the Dead" (more zombie tie-ins). Five euros and three liter bottles of diet coke later and I'm almost coherent enough to....what the hell was I gonna say? Sorry, my brain has been cutting out a lot the past few days...

Guten Morgen!

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